Lisbon Sete Rios Train Station

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Sete Rios Railway Station

Nestled in the Parque de Nacoes district, Gare do Oriente train station is one of the city's mane links to the rest of Portugal. Since the complex serves not only as a significant railway joint but also as a significant part of local bus and subway systems, it handles around 75 million passengers annually which is, shockingly, more than New York's Grand Central Station!

Even if you are not exploring Portugal by train, this architectural masterpiece is a must-visit while in Lisbon. Created by the genius engineer Santiago Calatrava, this impressive geometrical structure organically combines features of classic gothic style and eye-catching modernism.

Sete Rios Station Overview

What to find on the station?

The Sete Rios railway station is equipped with all the facilities you expect to find in the modern complex, including:

  • Ticket offices
  • Ticket machines
  • Bathrooms
  • Cafe
  • Shops
  • Help center
  • Car park
  • Vending machines
  • Free WiFi

How to get to Sete Rios station?

The Sete Rios station has good connections to local public transport system, so you can quickly get there via:

  • Metro: to get to Sete Rios complex via subway, follow the blue line of the Lisbon Metro and leave the train on Jardim Zoologico station
  • Bus: the station is linked to buses running on the routes 202, 701, 716, 726, 731, 746, 758, 770


  • Walk: the station is located within walking distance from Lisbon Zoo and city's business area

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