Coimbra Train Station

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Coimbra B Railway Station

Famous as Portugal's medieval capital, atmospheric Coimbra attracts everyone with its cobbled alleys, impressive cathedrals, and historical monuments. Interestingly, the alluring town of Coimbra also houses the oldest and most reputable university in the entire country!

Operated by Comboios de Portugal, Coimbra-B train station is one of two main transportation hubs of the city, together with Coimbra-A station. What is more, it is among the stops of the most popular rail route in Portugal connecting Lisbon and Porto.

​In addition to providing regular regional and international rail connections, Coimbra-B belongs to the Portugal high-speed web and is served by Intercidades as well as​ Alfa Pendular express trains.

Coimbra B Station Overview

What are Coimbra-B station facilities?

Despite its modest size, Coimbra-B railway station offers all needed for a relaxed travel experience services, featuring such useful amenities as:

  • Ticket offices
  • Waiting areas
  • Information center
  • Luggage lockers
  • Bathrooms
  • Parking lot

How to get there?

​Although Coimbra-B railway hub is nestled 1 kilometer north to the city center, it can be quickly accessed via:​

  • Train: ​if you are looking for the cheapest option to get to the station, think about taking a train as single ticket costs just 1USD. Moreover, for the comfort of passengers who depart from the Coimbra-B train station, every ticket includes a 5-minute rail transfer to Coimbra-A free of charge.

  • Taxi: taking a taxi is the fastest way to reach the station from the old town as it takes just 3 minutes. The price for the ride varies from 6 to 8 USD.

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