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Alfa Pendular First Class (Conforto)

Those who value not only great speed but also top-notch comfort should definitely choose the Alfa Pendular Conforto coach class for their Portugal exploration. In order to upgrade train travel in Portugal to the deluxe level, the well-equipped Conforto cars were designed to let all passengers relax and enjoy their journey to the fullest. Apart from a wide range of onboard facilities, access to CP lounges, and a free drink onboard, another perk of traveling with Alfa Pendular Comfort class is that taking your pets on board is also available!

Alfa Pendular Conforto Class Main Features

Alfa Pendular 1st Class features:

  • comfortable seats
  • ample legroom
  • folding tables
  • vending machines
  • ​bar car
  • media center
  • audio and video outlets
  • power sockets
  • free WiFi
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