Albufeira Train Station

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Albufeira-Ferreiras Railway Station

Albufeira Train Station, located in the civil parish of Ferrerias, is considered the railway station for the city of Albuferia. Founded in 1889, the Albufeira Train Station still remains to be the main link between Faro and Libson, having 5 daily departures to and from Libson every day.

If you are going on a journey to explore Portugal by train, this train station will keep you in comfort, providing all necessary amenities such as a coffee shop, bathrooms, and a nearby parking area. Although there are no sightseeing locations close by the train station, there is an ATM, a grocery shop and a food take-away shop within a kilometre's radius from the station which is only a 10 minute walk away!

Albufeira Train Station Overview

What to find on the station?

Although the Albufeira Train Station can't boast its size, it does provide with all the necessary amenities for a coumfortable wait at the train station such as:

  • Waiting areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Ticket offices
  • Public phones
  • Cafe shops

How to get to the station?

The train station is about 5.5 kilometres from the old town center, which is just outside Ferreiras. To review your options of getting to the train station see below:

  • Bus: the bus network in Albuferia strictly follows its timetable and have buses departing every 30 minutes, every day. Luckily, there is a bus station just outside the Albufeira Train Station so you can plan your trip down to a tee

  • Taxi: there is a taxi rank at the train station that can get you to and from the Albufeira Train Station that charge a basic rate of €3,25 for the first 3 kilometres and 90 cents for each subsequent kilometre

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